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Blockchain Information Security CIA+1 protecting every single part of your information security.

BaaSid Soteria security storage application providing four major protection of confidentiality,integrity,availability and non-repudiation of data security.

It will be no more problems while utilizing Blockchain technology. BaaSid solves Blockchain problems for you

Blockchain L2 Solutions providing enterprises and developers the simplest data uploading serviece.

Uninterrupted Security. From identity safety to information security.

BaaSid identity management service complying with W3C international standard. Combing with Blockchain technology storage application to protect personal information.

About BaaSid

It has been years since blockchain technology was invented. All of governments of advanced countries and multinational corporations are exploring and developing application of blockchain technology. And financial technology application has been the leader of blockchain technology. Besides, in other industry field, they notice that the blockchain technology may bring technology revolution to their own industry.

In recent years, driven by various governments, the trend of open banking is already been the major driving force of financial technology evolution. But every open banking investor has faced same problems about identity verification security and safety of information exchange. The same issues are taken seriously in the applications of internet. And the technology in nowadays can’t solve the problems of personal information leakage. As a result, the decentralized ID based on blockchain technology was received attention extremely that it may solve those problems of information security in internet era

BaaSid is Taiwan technical team focusing on blockchain technology application development. Based on blockchain technology to develop two products of service application, “Soteria blockchain technology storage” and “Pistis distributed identity authentication”. It is favored by well-known manufacturers and academic units to jointly carry out product development and application cooperation in order to solve traditional technical pain point through blockchain.


We believe that Blockchain technology will change the structure of Internet world in the future. Enterprises need to follow up the technique tendency to keep their competitive advantage.

Blockchain technology business developments and applications has growth rapidly in the recent. Advanced countries has researched and utilized Blockchain technology for years. With the rising of Blockchain technology resources investments,we can predict that Blockchain will replace some traditional technology in the future, becoming one of the most important technology which infects our life. As a result, we suggest that enterprises should take action to respond the advent of the era of blockchain technology popularity, attempting and researching the Blockchain technology applications.



Blockchain L2 Solutions

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