BaaSid TW


eXcelKEY _ eXcelDRIVE

Hitachi Sunway announced the availability of an enterprise-level blockchain platform service powered by BaaSid – eXcelDRIVE, a blockchain driven data storage & protection platform, and eXcelKEY, a blockchain driven mobile authentication platform for 2-Factor-Authentication.

Leadtek Key

Leadtek Technology is a well-known Taiwanese technology company. In recent years, it has stepped into the medical industry with medical IoT devices, and has received quite good reviews. In order to solve the problem of personal identification in the medical industry, Leadtek and BaaSid cooperated to launch the LeadTek key dedicated to personal identification in the medical industry, bringing strong and powerful blockchain technology applications to the medical industry.

NEC TW The Digital Safe Deposit Box

BaaSid was jointly published and exhibited by NEC Taiwan at the Taipei Fintech Exhibition on November 29, 2019, using the latest financial technology application developed by BaaSid core technology --- the digital safe deposit box.

Chylyng NBIoT

Taiwan's well-known IoT wearable device developer launched the latest wearable device cloud platform GPWear, and uses BaaSid technology to securely store personal and confidential information of wearable devices.

Zeroone Storage

BaaSid cooperates with Taiwan ’s famous IT agent Zero One Technology and Taiwan ’s Microsoft to provide a cloud storage service for blockchain technology data security on the Microsoft Azure platform.