BaaSid TW

BaaSid Global Members Day

March 14th 2018, Seoul Imperial Palace6F

“The new technology of encrypted data splitting will further develop the blockchain industry”

On March 14, Nicholas Ng S.L, CEO of BaaSid International Lab (S) Pte in Singapore, BaaSid International Lab CFO Leroy Zen Lau, Taiwan BaaSInfra CEO James Hwang, Professor, Japan PRO Group Chairman Otaka Jun, Buffalo University Economics Professor Tetsuya Saito, Security Technology Advisor Takeshi Doshisha and the main members in Korea gathered for the annual BaaSid Global Members Day.

Participants are focusing on further developing the entire Blockchain industry by introducing a new technology called ‘BaaSid’s Data Encryption Separation / Distributed Storage and Association’. To ensure the success of the global project BaaSid, everybody promised to do their best in their respective areas such as research and development, marketing and technical consulting.